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30 Questions Leaders May Ask Their Coaches. Ready? Part 1

Whether raised by the executive coach or by the leader, here are some questions that may arise.

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These are phrased as questions by the leader, but can be “turned around” by prefacing each with, “Do you ever have a concern about…?” or “Would it be helpful to discuss this as a challenge for you in your leadership?” If you are an executive coach, what process and sequence would you use to explore these issues with your client? What will you do when these come up?

1. I don’t have the answers for my team on every issue that comes up. What can I say when I am stuck?

2. I am afraid of being seen as not having the expertise that others around me do.

3. I am afraid of people knowing about the failures in my life, and that they will not respect me if they find out.

4. I am afraid to ask other people, especially in my organization, for help. It’s such a sign of weakness.

5. I feel I have to show up as the “leader,” but I don’t know what that looks like. I am uncomfortable just being myself.

6. I am more of an introvert and don’t think I can be the person to lead.

7. I have personal values but how can I create organizational values? What’s the process?

8. I don’t know what a “culture” is and where to start in creating it.

9. I came into a culture that was dysfunctional. How do I shift it without offending prior leaders, and the people who are part of the existing culture?

10. I often think that it is easier and faster to take tasks from other people so I know they’ll get done right. I think I am being helpful but it’s killing me.

An elite executive coach must necessarily support their leader in business and organizational challenges and related communication. Be prepared!

~William Keiper, co-author with Steve Chandler of The Leader and The Coach: The Art of Humanity in Leadership https://tinyurl.com/bdfzffmr

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The Leader & The Coach by Steve Chandler & Will Keiper
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