A Leadership Secret

A Leadership Secret

The documentary The Secret (The Law of Attraction) and the book by Rhonda Byrne came out in 2006. Depending upon who you talked to it was either the key to a life of awesomeness and wealth, or a high-order scam based upon the elementary mantra, “Thoughts are things!”

On one measure of awesomeness and wealth creation, the book is estimated to have been purchased more than 35 million times, sooooo . . .

The fundamental approach is well-known: Ask. Believe. Receive. And the cool thing is you don’t have to worry about the how. The “how” is the secret sauce that the Universe will provide. #quantumphysics

I was recently “attracted” to revisiting the documentary, thinking that applying my lens of humanity in leadership might open something new. I wasn’t disappointed.

My interpretation of The Secret in leadership terms:

>>If a leader cannot clearly articulate the want–the “ask”–then, the organization can have no clarity of purpose.
>>If a leader cannot answer the “why” question–the purpose cannot be infused with the energy of intention–the “belief.”
>>If the leader cannot describe how the achievement of the purpose will look and feel–the “receiving”– the distinction between being on goal, and everything else, cannot be drawn.

As a leader, your Universe (your organization and stakeholders) deserves your clear and unequivocal declaration of the Ask. The team can make intentional and actionable performance commitments and agreements with the “Universe” and feel safe in doing so.

They deserve to hear and feel your continuously affirmed, energetic intention, and commitment to receiving what is asked. Your Belief becomes their belief, i.e., Our Belief.

They deserve to be led in readiness for the Receipt. A key part of any space shot is reentry and landing. This makes the process real and capable of completion.

I can think of many ways to lead that are a lot worse than intending to get what you ask for, and telling everyone who will listen. And, infusing that intention with your most powerful clarity, skill and energy.

There is the small matter of the “how.” I am sure that #quantumphysics has its place, but in the Universe of the organization, talented, appreciated, motivated, caring, whole people will light the way.

I had forgotten that the explanation of the process in The Secret documentary starts with speaking Gratitude for what is present. Not a bad idea to start each day by being grateful for those who will make it real. What if they knew and believed? ~Will

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