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Will Keiper is a professional business advisor, leadership coach, and expert in conquering the challenges of transitions. He has been an NYSE, NASDAQ, and private company CEO and board member, and is recognized as a pragmatic truth-teller and change agent. He is committed to helping people and businesses desiring transformation, do things differently by seeing things differently. An award-winning nonfiction author, he has written leadership and transformational books: The Leader & The Coach–The Art of Humanity in Leadership (with Steve Chandler),The Power of Urgency, Untethered Aging, Life Expectancy – It’s Never Too Late to Change Your Game, and Cyber Crisis – It’s Personal Now, among others. He and Steve Chandler also co-authored The Well-Being Bucket List–29 Mindful Choices.

“Enlightening…” Review of Michael Singer’s Living Untethered

Living Untethered by Michael Singer - Book Cover

In Michael Singer’s Living Untethered, readers are invited to let go of their personal preferences and attachments to achieve inner peace and freedom. Singer’s book (and his whole life for that matter) draws heavily from the teachings of Eastern spiritual traditions, such as Buddhism and Taoism. This puts Living Untethered in the company of other

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Celebrating Deloris Jordan – Michael’s Loving & Visionary Mom

Celebrating Deloris Jordan - Michael's Loving & Visionary Mom 1

The movie Air, the story of Nike signing Michael Jordan as its premier basketball athlete in 1984, premiered yesterday. The story is well-known: Nike was a long third globally in basketball shoes to Adidas and Converse. Sonny Vaccaro, the Nike point person for basketball athletes, convinced Phil Knight to bet their entire endorsement budget on

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A 21st Century Leader’s Trifecta: Values, Humanity, Consciousness

A 21st Century Leader's Trifecta - Values Humanity Consciousness

Models of human development start at the level of meeting basic needs. If all goes well this is followed by learning, growth, and fulfillment. Sometimes these models are depicted as pyramids, such as the ubiquitous Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, with the base of meeting survival needs, extending upward to the realm of ‘self-actualization.’ Generally speaking,

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Be the Leader Required “Now”

Be the Leader Required Now

Pursuing a signature ‘style’ as a leader is a misplaced effort. Effective leaders care about delivering on what is needed in the moment, rather than hoping to hear, “She’s so visionary…” when being discussed among their teams. Being the leader who is required ‘now’–in real-time–distinguishes the great leader from the average. Korn Ferry’s research, drawing

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Transforming is a Feeling…

The Leader & The Coach by William Keiper and Steve Chandler

The term ‘transformational leadership’ was introduced by James MacGregor Burns in his 1978 book, “Leadership.” He set a high aspirational bar by defining it as a process where “…leaders and their followers raise one another to higher levels of morality and motivation.” In “Leadership and Performance Beyond Expectations,” Bernard M. Bass in 1985 used slightly

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The Leader & The Coach by Steve Chandler & Will Keiper
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