Humanity in Leadership. Advantage? Women.

Humanity in Leadership. Advantage? Women.

When Steve Chandler and I were developing our book, The Leader and The Coach: The Art of Humanity in Leadership, we emphasized the need for leaders to show up with some “feeling.”

I recently read the following, written by Christopher Weber-Fürst, “We are moving towards a more holistic and integrative approach in many areas of individual life, society and business, since most of our approaches so far have been dominated and implemented by men . . . This is not about feminism or female power movements, but a natural and healthy development process.” He wrote this seven years ago, before the workplace revolution of the past few years.

He also recently wrote, “With a reshaping of the traditional organization, the worker of the future must be a collaborative team player, able to give and receive help, empower others and operate in a world of interdependence. This new worker needs emotional intelligence and relational skills, the ability to work effectively with others, and understand the emotional conflicts in which work takes place, that are traditionally described as feminine . . .”

In many parts of the world–especially where male dominance is represented in history, culture, politics, religion and more–a shift toward a balance of feminine qualities with masculine is not under consideration.

Even in Western culture, the very call for “greater humanity in leadership” seems to be one focused on men, given the hallmarks of “old school-style” leaders: directive, emotionless, remote, stoic, closed, difficult, dominant., and mostly, male.

In The Leader and The Coach, we suggest leaders show more of who they are at a human level: authentic, transparent, kind, empathetic, collaborative, creative, and open.

I am sorry that it didn’t occur to me to say, “Please reflect on who around you best exhibits these qualities…” which would, in many rooms, have led directly to the women in them.

In most cases, women have an advantage in navigating the requirements, dictated by the “best talent,” to be seen and heard and embraced as “whole persons.”

The fastest way forward toward greater humanity in leadership may simply require acknowledging and embracing a greater balance of more traditionally feminine, emotional intelligence and equanimity.

An even more direct route would be to select more leaders based upon qualities of emotional intelligence, empathy, kindness and authenticity. It is available to all…. but,
Advantage? Women.

~William Keiper, co-author with Steve Chandler of The Leader and The Coach: The Art of Humanity in Leadership

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