Intuitive Leadership: Much More Than "Gut Feel"

Intuitive Leadership: Much More Than “Gut Feel”

When I was a rising leader, a moment would come when the “boss” would say, “My gut says that we should [fill in the blank].”

When I heard those words, I knew whatever the discussion process had been to that point, was over. Everyone else had just been taken off the hook for the decision. The boss was firmly on it (and didn’t seem to mind).

It meant that the facts, research, analysis, debate, experience, professional advice, and all other manner of inputs, had been trumped.

Or so I thought.

I should have known something greater was at work, when those “gut calls” frequently turned out to be spot on, or close.

In my own development, I learned that, despite the unfortunate word “gut,” perhaps the most important aspect of human energy was in play. And, it was being acknowledged as something powerful, that was about as far from one’s digestive system as it could be.

Once all of the inputs are in, a leader’s trust in their awareness, as the catalyst for powerfully accurate decision making, is the purest form of leadership.

The best system we can access for decision making is intangible. It is awareness without thought.

I have learned that this is an open secret for those willing to go beyond the physical dimension of energy.

It is not a mystery and can be developed and enhanced with study and guidance.

If you want to know more, you already know people who can help you. Just ask and you will find connections.

~Will Keiper, co-author of The Leader and The Coach: The Art of Humanity in Leadership (available now)
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The Leader & The Coach by Steve Chandler & Will Keiper
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