Letting Go of Stage Fright

Some leadership coaches who identify as “introverts” (or people who just hate selling), stare at their computer screens thinking about all those skeptical strangers they’re going to have to talk to today and start feeling a version of stage fright.

Especially when they have to sell their services to so-called “powerful” leaders.

What coaches love about coaching is the actual coaching.

They may have taken a program wherein there was a lot of practice coaching other students in the program, and it felt wonderful. But now what? How to get over this stage fright so I can talk to the many people I’ll have to get through to find a diamond in the rough?

First of all, relax. Take care of yourself first. Whatever physical and spiritual practices you do to keep yourself evolving on the spiritual plane, prayer, meditation, inspirational reading, whatever increases and improves your own inner evolution toward internal peace and a deep sense of enjoyment about being alive… that will help you relax and it will also allow your clients and prospects to feel your own happiness, peace and optimism when they talk to you.

And, remember, you don’t have to talk to “many people” each day, just the next person. Slow down and look for where you can better connect with and serve those who are aware of who you are, respect you, and would welcome a conversation. They will have ideas for people you can talk to.

And the more you listen to those new people with humility and compassion the more your stage fright will just go away on its own. You’ll start to become aware that compassionate conversation is a lost art in our digital world, and people are longing to experience it.

Especially leaders who are looking for an island in the storm.

They have to put on a brave front to the people in their organization, and even their families, to keep everyone optimistic about the future. Who do they have to talk to about what’s really going on inside of them? It’s you. It’s their coach.

The Leader & The Coach by Steve Chandler & Will Keiper
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