Ten Mindful Choices for Greater Well-Being Now and Later

Ten Mindful Choices for Greater Well-Being Now, and Later

Last year, we published The Well-Being Bucket List: 29 Mindful Choices for Older Adults. It is a sort of written podcast of conversations in which we explore possibilities for living that, if chosen, could better serve our well-being (and that of those around us) each day, perhaps for the rest of our lives. (We are often reminded by readers that this book applies to adults of all ages, not just older ones.)

In the spirit of giving that is thematic to the holiday season, we discussed gifting hundreds of copies to stimulate thinking about the choices in the offing for New Year’s resolutions. Instead (and logistically much easier) we offer this post containing some of the mindful choices we discussed in The Well-Being Bucket List.

As 2022 comes to an end, these possibilities might be some that could be selected as “resolutions”:

1. Service. I will find ways to be of service to others today where I am, without expectation of acknowledgment or something in return.

2. Unlearning. I accept the challenge to clear away “what I know” and “what I think I know” so that I may be more open to new learning and seeing things differently.

3. Money and Me. I will proactively change my living style to eliminate financial anxiety. I will do what is required to live within my means, using the best of my resourcefulness and creativity starting now.

4. Holistic Attention. I will raise my awareness of small changes in my physical, mental, psychological, and spiritual health, and act in my best interest to improve my quality of life. I will also pay this commitment forward by selecting one or more fellow humans for a “wellness watch.”

5. Living in the Light. I will actively explore my spiritual frontier, seeking to have my unique aspects in alignment and remembering and embracing the innate well-being and spiritual light that is already mine.

6. Listening. I choose to listen actively and deeply as a way of living more fully and serving those in my orbit with the best of my attention.

7. Small Changes for Ease. I will actively explore creative options for practical and adventuresome changes that can ease my way, enhance, or simplify my life.

8. No Fear. I will cross-examine my fears as they arise to explode the false assumptions that underlie them and reveal them for the life-sucking experience-blockers they represent.

9. Nature’s Grandeur. I will appreciate nature, in both its untamed and domestic forms, and allow it to fill me up as only it can.

10. The Power in Now. I choose to live in each moment of now, bringing my attention to it and appreciating all the juice in it.

These include choices you can make about how you see yourself, behave, interpret, react, and participate in the world. You could embrace one or more as intentions, or even powerful commitments, for changing your life from one of deficiency, unhappiness, and pain, to one of sufficiency, joy, and wellness.

Each is available to everyone and is immediately accessible. If you embrace even ONE of these choices, your life can be better and happier. And, once made, these choices can be of the enduring kind—ones that can change your life forever.

Happy New Year 2023!

~ Steve Chandler and Will Keiper, co-authors of The Well-Being Bucket List and The Leader and The Coach: The Art of Humanity in Leadership

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