What's Wrong with Frustration?

What’s Wrong with Frustration?

Pay close attention whenever you are frustrated by anything. The things that are frustrating you about your business, and the things that are frustrating you about your life as a consumer, could be the very things that cause a wellspring of success.

Frustration is where attention needs to be paid, rather than wishing that part of life would go away.

We were working with a client whose greatest frustration was that it seemed to be so hard to hire good people. When we went to coach them, we said, “What’s your biggest frustration?”

“It’s hiring people. It’s so hard to hire good people, and it takes so long to train them. People leave and it leaves us shorthanded, and our sales suffer.”

By raising his consciousness about hiring and recruiting he made it the very best part of his business and his business took off.use you’re not going to help it out by just making it a little bit better. If you’ve got some frustration, you need to really convert it into the thing you love the most, and really take it on. The reason it frustrates you is that you’re lowering your consciousness every time you confront it.”
By raising his consciousness about hiring and recruiting he made it the very best part of his business and his business took off.
So find what frustrates you, and treat it as a great gift. Because it’s the universe telling you something. Frustration is pointing the way. If you take the frustration and make it your masterpiece and turn this into the best part of your life, then everything else will get great.
We always begin our coaching by looking for the frustration. Look for the most stressful thoughts and beliefs a person has. Because we know that’s where the gold is.

Whenever people don’t take care of you, when you’re the customer, take note of your frustration! Let’s say you walk into a store and someone doesn’t even make eye contact with you, or they treat the phone like it’s more important than you are. All these things that annoy and frustrate you!

Make sure when you return to your business that you tell everybody what just happened, and you let them know that this is something we will never do; this is just another sign from the universe to show you and annoy you and remind you that I will never do this to your customer. It strengthens you! You just had it done to you, and it was the worst feeling in the world, and you’ll never do this.
Don’t numb yourself to frustration. Really feel it. Let it wake you up.


The Leader and The Coach: The Art of Humanity in Leadership https://lnkd.in/g2YZYnmt
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The Leader & The Coach by Steve Chandler & Will Keiper
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